St Johns wort Oil - Fresh Infused At Creation Farm we harvest Fresh St Johns Wort to make infused St Johns Wort Oil each year in July. An ancient remedy dating back to Grecian times, Hypericum perforatum, commonly called St. John's Wort improves the central nervous system, it calms inflammation in the nerve endings. This simple step, external use, rubbing St. John Wort Oil on your body will diminish stress, fatigued, calm tender shooting nerve issues and clear up skin issues.   

Traditional uses:  Anti-inflammatory and soreness in nerves, improves circulation clearing skin issues, wounds, burns or hemorrhoids, this oil-based preparation of St. John's wort applied topically eases uncomfortable symptoms.

St Johns Wort has many historically recorded uses involving soothing and comforting muscles, as well as toning them for high performance.

St. Johns Wort Oil - Premium Fresh St. Johns Wort Flower Infusion from Creation Farm

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