I have received a lot of testimonies from customers over the phone about the results they had using the products.

Testimonies from Happy Customers
 I had pain in my arm and shoulder as a result of doing too much lifting. I tried Anna's Secret Soothing Serum spray on my arm and shoulder and to my surprise, it lowered my pain greatly allowing me to get to sleep. I was skeptical it would work but should know by now you really study the plant kingdom when you come out with a new product. Now a few days later my arm and shoulder are getting much better. If I even feel a slight pain I get out the Soothing Serum with a quick spray and just forget about it. I am so happy to find this product and avoid prescription drug medicine. Thanks for creating it. Gloria Jean E.
My sister and I first discovered Creation Pharm products at their quaint shop in Northern Michigan many years ago and have been using them ever since. The creams and lotions are so fresh, fragrant, and soothing compared to the commercial brands on the market today. The Wild Yam cream can't be beaten for skin repair and I use Anna's Secret Skin Repairing Serum on my face and hands. The bug repellent is the best! It's safe and actually works superbly against all kinds of insects. Anne has been so helpful in answering all of my skincare questions.  Thank you for creating and sharing your wonderful products for people like me who want natural, not chemical lotions on their skin.     
Cherie H.
Dear Anna,
This is a testimonial about your product “Soothing Serum”. I was working a job that required long hours on my feet and lifting and carrying.  I had injured my left leg years before in a bad fall. I fell with my whole weight on my doubled knee tearing the meniscus and blowing out my vein in the leg below my knee; I then developed severe varicose veins.
Prior to using your “Soothing Serum” product, my leg was extremely painful, inflamed, and swollen to my ankle.  The capitularies had pulled black blood around my ankle.   The staff was watching as the “Soothing Serum” was applied to my leg.  To everyone's amazement, it took almost an immediate effect.   The bulging veins began to shrink and the swelling to subside.    The skin on my ankle began to return to a normal color.
Having witnessed the healing properties of this product creates a desire to share its healing virtue with others.
Thank you, Sharon Lee