Frankincense Oil - 100% Pure Frankincense Essential Oil for Aromatherapy 
Skin Care &  Wellness & Relaxation
Since ancient biblical times Frankincense Essential oil has been known as the Gift of Kings | Historically Used for its skin care and healing properties and used to improve aging skin conditions and reduce stress.
 Creation Pharm Frankincense oil can also be blended or used in DIY lotions or shampoos. | | At Creation Pharm our 100% Pure Essential Oils bridge the gap between ancient Apothecary and Modern Herbalism, Alchemy and Aromatherapy. We offer only the finest verified and authentic essential oils on the market, and stand behind our products. Whether you may be a first time enjoyer or a loyal Creation Pharm oil enthusiast, join the thousands of customers who have received benefits from Creation Pharm 100% Pure Frankincense Essential Oils to change their lives and enhance their lifestyles See for yourself and order the gift of kings today!
Frankincense Essential Oil Aceite esencial de incienso Aromatherapy Diffuser Oil Economy Size 2 oz

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