Calenula Herbal Salve - Consuelda Hierbas Calendula - Salve - Super Salve - Grande 4 oz Tin, Direct From the Herb Farm, Calendula Is an All Time Favorite Herb Balm for Dry Cracked Skin.

Combined These Two Herbs Create a Fantastic Salve That People Send Us New Uses for All the Time with Their Testimonials.

This is the "COMFORT" herbal salve. 

  • Calendula - Comfrey Salve- Consuelda Hierbas Calendula - Salve - Super Salve - Grande 4 oz Tin is made from Naturally Grown and sustainably harvested Calendula flower petals are infused for two weeks in the olive oil before processing. The infused oil is combined with the Jojoba, beeswax and lavender essential oil to create this wonderful balm that is useful to comfort many skin conditions
  • For the Comfrey Calendula Salve, Our Comfrey plants are cut back every few weeks in the growing season to provide tender leaves for processing and the Calendula petals are picked every 3rd day from July till after Frost.
  • Comfrey and Calendula used for making salve for soothing skincare for generations.
Calendula-Comfrey Salve - Super Salve - Large 4 oz Tin, Super Salve, Herbal Salve

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