• Handmade Rosemary Shampoo, Bathing and Shaving, "All In One - Oval Oak" Bar Soap.
  • Rosemary Shampoo Bar Soap, stimulates fair follicles and draws that fine line between premature and balding condition.
  • Wet your scalp and rub, Rosemary "Oval Oak" Bar Soap over your scalp. As you scrub your scalp a stimulating trigger is noticeable in the hair follicles; for some people.
  • Rosemary Shampoo, "All In One" is good for flaky scalps.
  • Antiseptic Soap for itchy skin. Good for normal to oily skin care.

Rosemary antiseptic property deep cleans the pores and refreshes the scalp, removes flaky, dry skin.
Rosemary Botanical Shampoo & Body Soap 8 oz (Two 4 oz Bar Pack)

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