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Herbal Salves
Herbal Salves from Wildcrafted and Homegrown Botanicals at Creation Herb Farm

Super Salve Calendula-Comfrey Salve
Calendula: Antiseptic & Soothing to open cuts. Repairs the skin and eliminates diaper rash flare-ups. Mends cracked skin, by bonding new skin to hard calluses, actually healing skin tissue.
Super Salve Calendula-Comfrey Salve Jar
Calendula Salve - Super Salve - 4 oz Tin
Jewelweed Herbal Salve
Jewelweed Herbal Salve is made from Wild crafted Self-Heal, Yarrow, Red Clover, Yellow Wood Sorrel, Jewelweed, Yellow Dock and Plantain.
Jewelweed Herbal Salve 1 oz (28 gm)
Jewelweed Herbal Salve Jar 4oz
Jewelweed Herbal Salve Tin 4oz.
Balm of Gilead Herbal Salve
Balm of Gilead is traditionally used as a soothing balm for comforting body discomfort, and many skin conditions which accompany. This Balm is also a comforting chest rub. When Europeans first came to North America hundreds of years ago North American native people shared this balm with the newcomers for all types of discomforts.

The English settlers named Black Poplar buds for Balm of Gilead that is mentioned, in a Psalm, in the Holy Bible. Now Benefit from even Faster Shipping & Lower Prices on this amazing Balm of Gilead Herbal Salve. A safe herbal remedy that works, a wonderful and healthier alternative to other potential treatments.

Balm of Gilead is traditionally used as a soothing balm for comforting minor discomforts. Creations' Balm Of Gilead Salve stands on quality and satisfaction you can count on! IMMEDIATE, LASTING, RELIEF: Balm of Gilead is more often preferred for soothing discomfort from related ailments & injuries because it works! Balm of Gilead Ointment, Pleasant therapeutic Aroma with Birch, Juniper, Marjoram and Eucalyptus Balm of Gilead Ointment, This Balm is also a comforting chest rub.
Balm of Gilead Herbal Salve Jar
Balm of Gilead Herbal Salve Tin 4oz.
Herbal Foot Salve
This herbal salve has literally over 1 dozen combined Herbal infusions and Essential Oils designed for tender feet due to neurological triggers. The soothing and healing qualities are beneficial for the whole body.
Herbal Foot Salve Jar
Herbal Foor Salve Tin 4oz
Easy Breathe Cold Comfort Chest Rub Salve
Contains our Popular Easy Breathe Aroma Blend plus Herbs
Easy Breathe Cold Comfort Chest Rub Jar
Easy Breathe Cold Comfort Chest Rub Tin 4oz
Herbal Drawing Salve
A Drawing Salve for splinters and slivers.
Herbal Drawing Salve Jar 4oz
Herbal Drawing Salve Tin 4oz
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